Timeless section is portraying a series of fine bone china plates, enriched with decorative black-ink drawings ; shape and size of the plates are adapted accordingly to the drawings.  The group of decorated porcelains plates highlights the extreme rigor followed for the execution of the images by TAPLAB Wallcowering with the contribution of AVIODesign. The collection has been conceived with neutral shades sometimes combined with a Golden color that characterizes tastefully some details. The represented wall coverings are accompanied by visual references that indicates the colors used to compose the tonalities of each creation, in order to facilitate the placement in the most varied living spaces. Despite being a collection that at first glance gives the impression to be used in classic areas, the placement in modern living spaces creates a very pleasant visual impact. The patterns are repeated every 200 cm.  Particular consideration has been given to the installation; in fact the rolls can be placed in a staggered way to facilitate an irregular and always different view of the plates.


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