Many artists have painted or engraved alphabets that strike the imagination, and have no other purpose than to lead us into a world of dreams. From imaginary alphabets to Baroque ones till a Gothic style. The letters, the only protagonists, are integrated by the drawing, embracing the shapes of an object or a living being. One of the most famous anthropomorphic comical alphabet was created by the Frenchman Daumier in the 19th century, and since then many other artists have dealt with animated letters such as Victor Adam or Houx-Marc, leaving many wonderful alphabets for future generations. Monogram is the animated alphabet of TAPLAB Wallcowering  which , with the contribution of AVIODesign, has created 36 illustrated letters, drawn on 16,6 x 16,6 cm tiles to form a picturesque alphabetical syllabary. The image is developed in three shades which, when inverted, create three totally distinct patterns, in order to satisfy every decorative need.

Monogram line can be customized with any of your thought or with your favourite quote. The thought repeated to infinity will add a distinctive trait to your space.


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